Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering

How soon will I get my order?  This depends on the shipping method you choose.  If you are in a hurry, don't choose Parcel Post!  Pick either Priority Mail or UPS or FedEx.  Once a shipment leaves our warehouse, and passes into the possession of our shippers (UPS, FedEx, and USPS), the timetable for shipping depends on their volume of business.  Order early, so if there is a delay, your schedule will not suffer.

How soon will my order be shipped?   We ship orders within 24 hours on weekdays, if at all possible.  On rare occasions, when a major inventory shipment is due, we may experience a large volume of orders, and this may affect our normal turn-around time.  Usually, we can work through such a backlog in three to four days.  We ask for your understanding if your order is not shipped immediately because of the additional work of receiving and processing a shipment.  Most important, though, is to order early enough to anticipate any issues in stock or shipping.

What we cannot tell you is how soon your order will arrive, and that will be up to you and the shipper.  It depends on what sort of shipping you chose.   If you want to see your lovely yarn quickly, then please don't choose Parcel Post unless you are willing to wait up to two weeks for it to arrive.

Does Wool2Dye4 have a discount policy?  Yes, we do.  Actually, all  customers receive an immediate 20% discount off retail prices.  In addition, we offer quantity discounts to wholesale customers who will commit to a minimum of 5-kilos per order.  To get started, find the Wholesale category in the list of all categories (on the left side of every page), click on' Wholesale' and read the requirements there.  When you have completed the instructions, send an eMail to to tell us that you have created a new profile for a new wholesale account.  Your new registration will be reviewed for approval.  Each application requires a fully-completed registration, and a personal eMail to before any discount is granted.  You may also request that we change an existing Retail account to Wholesale status, with proper company information submitted.

Do you work with Co-ops?  No, sorry.   Wool2Dye4 does not support buying co-op groups.  Our wholesale discount is a professional discount intended for the individual handdyer's use only and is not to be shared in any way.  This includes partnerships.  Each partners who  orders from Wool2Dye4 must create their own wholesale account.

As a small dyer, can I share my discount with a local yarn shop?  No.  The buyer of the yarn must have a wholesale discount account in order to receive the wholesale discount.  You may not pair up or share the discount even if you are an exclusive dyer for a yarnshop. 

If a yarn is showing as 'out of stock' in the product listing, does this mean it is discontined?  No, it means that the yarn is out of stock and we are awaiting the return.  Watch the newsletter for expected dates of yarns returning to stock. 

How can I learn about new yarns and upcoming re-stocking of inventory?    We have an online NewsFeed at this address.  It is really the best way to stay current on incoming shipment arrival dates, announcements of new yarns, info on individual yarns, and a neat picture or two.  We also have a newsletter.  All wholesale customers are automatically added to the newsletter list.  We do not send too many newsletters; just when there is a shipment coming in, or if there is a very important bit of information we need to tell our wholesalers. 

Can I buy a Wool2Dye4 Gift Certificate?  Absolutely!  You will find that option at check out.  You will be asked for the recipient's information, and when you finish filling in that info, just click a button to add it to your cart, and pay normally.

What is the best way to get in touch with Wool2Dye4?  EMail.  We work entirely through eMail and there is no question or situation which cannot be handled best through eMail.  Have a question?  Our eMail address is:

What is the best way to ship to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand?  We ship to our customers in Australia and New Zealand by USPS International Priority mail and FedEx International Economy.  These are air services.  This covers shipping costs and does not influence or affect customs charges levied at the entry to your own country.  there may be a local tax, however, levied at your end.  Please check local tax requirements for those fees.  Sometimes this tax is collected upon delivery; sometimes you will receive an invoice by mail.  Canadian customers may choose between FedEx International Ground or Economy, or USPS International Priority.

Which credit cards does Wool2Dye4 accept?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards.  Also PayPal. You may use your private credit cards through PayPal if you have your account set up that way, and we recommend this as a safety measure.