Hand Spun Alpaca Collection: APU

 At more than 4,000 meters above sea level, in the region of Puno -- the main producer of Alpaca fiber in Peru --the majority of the women possess a rich Andean textile legacy.  Their skilled use of Alpaca fiber in hand-spinning has been passed down from generation to generation since Pre-Incan times.

Wool2Dye4 has joined an important initiative to contribute to the economic growth of those highland communities involved in Alpaca breeding and this rich Andean hand-spinning textile tradition.

Through the education and training of mothers and wives of Alpaca shepherds, traditional hand-spinning techniques have been combined with more contemporary yarn designs in a line ofhand-spun yarns called APU.  There are two yarns in different natural colorations:   Nusta, and CCala.  They are made of  SuperFine Alpaca, and a blend of SuperFine Alpaca with Peruvian wool, and each takes full advantage of the rich range of natural colors offered by Alpaca fiber.

The resulting yarns are exquisite, each telling its own story of Andean Peru with a unique and exclusive look.

We hope that, with your support of this collection, we can empower these Andean women with the ability to provide for their families and their well-being, while helping to preserve age-old Peruvian textile traditions.

Offered in 100% Superfine Alpaca (Nusta) and in 50% Highland Wool/50% Superfine Alpaca (Ccala).


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