Wholesale Accounts

We welcome inquiries from bona fide businesses who wish to set up a wholesale account. Our wholesale discount is an additional 15%-20% off the already discounted retail cost. Each wholesale registration is reviewed and approved individually, so please email 'Yarnie@Wool2Dye4.com when you have created a new profile.

Click 'Log In' and then click 'Create a new Profile.'



  • Complete new profile.  Must include company name.  Then Click ADDRESS tab and fill in telephone number and address.
  • Minimum order of 5 kilo bags on every order (with packaging=12.5 lbs).  It is a weight requirement and you may mix up your choices
  • Professional discount is not to be shared with a group.  It is only for an individual.
  • We will not ship to a third party unless that person or company is a registered customer with Wool2Dye4.


To Set up Wholesale account 

  • If you have a Retail account now, and are sure that you are not going to use it any more, then just eMail us and we can change the account to wholesale with one click in our Administrative end of the program.
  • To Keep your Retail account and Create a new Wholesale account, read on.
  • If you want to keep an existing Retail account, then you will need to create a new profile.  Create new under the LOG-IN link, and use a separate eMail address from any existing retail account with us.
  • Complete fields for all information requested, including company name, address, telephone number.  Click on the ADDRESS tab to enter your shipping and billing addresses.
  • eMail Yarnie@wool2dye4.com when you have submitted the registration.  (Please note:  the only active eMail addresses for Wool2Dye4 are Yarnie@wool2dye4.com and Andy@wool2dye4.com.  If you have any older eMail addresses in your browser, please delete them.  Both addresses send mail to the same eMail box.)
  • After we approve your account, you will receive a personal letter of confirmation of your wholesale status. Please note that each registration is reviewed and approved on an individual basis.

Are you on our newsletter list?

  • If not, eMail Yarnie@wool2dye4.com and request that your name will be added so that you will receive notice of incoming shipments.  
  • If you are registering today, we will automatically add your name to the newsletter mailing list.


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