Bluefaced Leicester

Wool2Dye4 is licensed to sell British yarns, and our Bluefaced Leicester is 100% British Wool. Now, we point this out because it is important.  Our British Bluefaced Leicester fiber is supersorted before it even goes to the mills, meaning that it is picked through at twice the rate that normal wools are handled and examined before being combed and sent for processing at the spinning mill.

It is important to realize two things about Wool2Dye4's exclusive line of  British BFL:
--British BFL is an entirely different quality of BFL than what is available elsewhere on the internet.   
--British BFL is a rare fiber, and there are limited quantities of it available at any one time. 

British Bluefaced Leicester is the original BFL in the world, and what we carry is 100% British Bluefaced Leicester.

Wool2Dye4 is the exclusive US distributor of the largest purveyor of British Bluefaced Leicester yarns.  Our supplier has a team of buyers attending the auctions and buying up the fine and extra fine gauge fibers.  We stockpile these purchases for up to a full year until we have enough to on hand to warrant a spin.

Our yarns are sold by the kilo. Skeins are packaged ten skeins of 100 grams each to equal a kilo.  One or two are still presented on cones, so check the listing under Fiber:  Bluefaced Leicester, and also under the category:  Superwash/Felting/Cones.  Once the inventory of these cones is exhausted, we will no longer spin to cones, and all British BFL yarns will be presented on skeins.

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