Wool2Dye4, an Exclusive Line of Undyed Yarns


Approach the dyepot and let your imagination loose!

Wool2Dye4 is a licensed seller of 100% British yarns. Our specialties are smooth yarns in undyed presentation, in two bases: Merino and British Bluefaced Leicester, which are sold in kilo packages of ten skeins (100gr). We carry British Bluefaced Leicester in a growing line of weights and fibers. Our customers are proud of the results they can achieve using our quality lines of undyed yarns. Follow latest news of incoming shipments & new yarns by using our NEWS feed.

Featured products

Sock Blanks, set of 5
W2D4 Sock Blanks, Set of 5
5 knitted blanks, 10"x42" prox. (dry)
463 yds/100g knitted blank
Ultra Merino 3-Ply - Skein

Ultra Merino 3Ply
3Ply yarn, 100% superwash Merino
490 yds/100 gr, ten 100gr skeins/kilo.