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Cellulose fibers

Cellulose fibers are those which are derived from plant sources.  Bamboo is a cellulose fiber, so is tencel (which is derived from wood chips ... did you know that?).  Silk is not exactly a cellulose fiber because it is produced by a domesticated insect, but it acts like both a cellulose fiber and a protein fiber, so we consider it in this category.

Acid dyes are used for dyeing wools.  The interesting thing about dyeing blends of protein based fibers, like the wools (and you and me, for that matter), is that the acid dyes will strike the cellulose fibers differently from how they strike protein fibers.  The results are often slightly muted, and always beautiful. 

Our yarns are sold by the kilo. Skeins are packaged ten skeins of 100 grams each to equal a kilo.


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Egyptian Fingering - Set of 10 Skeins

Egyptian Fingering 50% alpaca/25% Silk/25% Linen 438 yards per 100 grams 3 ply sock weight yarn

Pima Cotton DK - Set of 10 Skeins

Pima Cotton DK
100% Pima Cotton
218 yards/100gr skein, ten 100gr skeins/kilo.

Pima Sock - Set of 10 Skeins

Pima Sock (sock wt)
100% Pima Cotton
437 yards/100gr skein, ten 100gr skeins/kilo.

Quantity Out of stock