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In this category, you will find three sub-categories:
1) Yarns with the majority of the fiber content as a superwash fiber. We recommend that superwash yarns be dried just as other yarns; that is, laid flat to dry. Superwash does not mean SuperDry.
2) Yarns which will felt when subjected to heat and agitation. These yarns are not superwash yarns. Among these yarns are the classic worsted and aran sweater weight yarns which are prized in warm climates for the slight fulling (similar to felting, but a natural process which is a result of time and wear of a garment).
3) Cone presentation. Not all yarns are available in cone presentation. Please do be aware that at our end of the market, cones are not weighed with the precision of skein presentation. There will very probably be some variation from exact kilo weight of coned yarns. Because we work on a general 20% discount at retail, and wholesale discount is figured on an already discounted price, the difference in weight will be covered by the discount.

If you are looking for uniformity, we recommend the 100 gram skeins. 100 grams is the industry standard.

Watch this space for the addition of three new hand-spun yarns.  Due in stock:  Mid-April 2016

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New Donegal Sock Coloured Neps 10x100g Skeins

NEW Donegal Sock with coloured Neps
15% NEP (a dye-resistant nylon fiber)/85% superwash Merino
a  2-Ply yarn. 438 yds/100 gr,
ten 100gr skeins/kilo.