Say the word 'silk' and immediately the connotation which comes to mind is that of luxury.  Silk has become one of the most sought after fibers in the world in recent years.  As a luxury fiber, it should be handled with love and care.  We do not advise that you toss your knit fabrics into a washing machine if they contain silk, cashmere or alpaca.  Wash them by hand, as you made them by hand, and lay flat to dry.

Our silk yarns are subjected to a combing which combines the silk with any other fibers in the blend.  This means that the slippery short silk fibers do not rise to the top of the fiber blends once you knit up your lovely fabric.   We don't want to point fingers at obvious places, but to point out only that ours is excellent quality.  Period.

Our yarns are sold by the kilo. Skeins are packaged ten skeins of 100 grams each to equal a kilo.

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