We have produced knitted fabric blanks for some of our yarns. They are either in a single or a double knit presentation. We sell our blanks in sets of 5, or half kilo packages. Each blank is knit from 100 grams of the yarn named in the title.

Per page:
SKU Product name   Price    
40855B Single Knitted DK Blank, set of 5
  • $70.25
SKU1284 Platinum Sock Blanks, set of 5
  • $70.25
SKU12842 Double Knit Sock Blanks, set of 5
  • $70.25
SKU13611 Sparkle Blanks, Set of 5
  • $74.19
SKU128442 Diamond Sock Blanks, set of 5
  • $78.13