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Sparkle Blanks, Set of 5

Sparkle Blanks are hot! and, you will be on the cutting edge with this engineered Italian sparkly fiber (a modern nylon fiber) which lends a very silvery sparkle to your single layer sock blank (Sparkle Blanks).  The sparkle fibers show well and elegantly against light or dark colorways, though with refinement and taste, of course!

The yarn used to knit Sparkle Blanks is Sheila's Sparkle, a sock weight yarn.  Set against our springy superwash merino, add in nylon for stability and you have a yarn which makes a statement.   The blend is 75% springy superwash merino with 20% nylon, and 5% Stellina! Note: Stellina is a non-metal fiber. Sparkle and Glitter (the goldtone version) are additions to the popular Sheila's line of yarns, and they mirror the famous 2 plies in that perfect twist.

Note:  too much dye in the dye bath will result on the excess being attracted to the Stellina, and the fiber will not sparkle.  A light hand with the intensity of the dye solution as you learn to dye this fiber, and marvel at the lovely results.Watch what happens when you dye and dry this yarn. Lovely!

438 yards per 100gr knitted blank (in a single layer). Sold in sets of 5 blanks, half-kilo.

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