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Euro 500 - Set of 10 Skeins

Euro 500 - Set of 10 Skeins

150 gram skeins: Here is the oversized sock skein for customers who's family and friends are well-grounded with large footsies ... and ... it is the perfect shawl yarn with 50% more yarn per skein.

Euro 500 is a 6-Ply yarn, originally introduced in Europe as a heavy-Lace handknitting yarn and used widely for shawls. While it is spun from our springy superwash merino, what sets Euro 500 apart from the crowd is twofold: yardage and skein weight.

Yardage-wise, it falls between our fingering/sock yarns and our Select laceweight categories. Perfect for lace knitting. Perfect for sock knitting. (It blooms)

Weight-wise, Euro 500 packs 50% more weight, with 150 gram skeins, than industry standard skeins which weigh 100 grams.  This extra yardage is great for fine gauge knitting. Perfect for a pair of socks for large tootsies.

Euro 500: 822 yds/150 gram skein 6-Ply yarn, 100% Merino Superwash
As our other packaged skeined yarns, there are 10 skeins per package.  These skeins are heavier at 150 grams and so have more yardage.
Perfect for socks, fine gauge garments, shawls, baby clothes, hats, gloves

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SS Sheila's Gold, 2 skeins
SS Sheila's Gold, 2 skeins